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Just Because Her Parents Don't Love Her, [entries|friends|calendar]
TK SuperStar

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[03 Jul 2008|11:25pm]
Very recently made, and already friends only,,, comment to be added loves, i dont get on the pc much, typicly over the weekends, than ill do like 10 post... in a 2 day period,,,, just an annoyance warning. and i will danm near always comment you back on anything, i think its just nicer that way, but if i dont reply, it probaly means my pc is screwed again so dont post shit yelling at me k?
later hugs and much loves to those who need it :)
oh, and BTW my loves, this is a MILD LAYOUT! I figured this would be better than my past couple LJ Layouts, because my people keep complaining about their bosses walking by and seeing "Inapropriate Things".... If you are new and want to know what I am tlaking about, I will refer you to check out LJ Username " Goddess_Anxiety" You know you wanna, Just not at work this time! And yes, this is the Pussycat dolls. Yes I hate them for what they are CURRENTLY. I had my friend make this layout for me for my 14 th birthday, BEFORE PCD! Before they even Signed that Danm Contract....
Check out user info for more shit....
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[12 Aug 2006|11:23pm]
i have spent the better half of the past 2 hours manually deleting this thing,,,,,,,,, my pc refused to log out no matter what........ so all my entries were being seeen, i even started an entirely knew journal and it would still end up back to this one, so yeah, ill get yall back later add yall ass friends again, sorry, just i really cant get cuaght with some of this and that shit
byes! and gtg
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